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i2 - Eleven (sample) i2 - Eleven (sample)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I'll admit the first thing that caught me within this track - filtering. I've got to say, mate, you've done a cracking job with the filtering for this track. The drums were nice and steady, they could have been a little more towards the 'custom' region, but they were still well done none the less.

Nice work, I gave it an overall of 9.

Check out DriverSix, I could use some reviews. Nobody seems to stop by and drop comments/rate around this audio section, it's quite the flaw.

i2abbitz responds:

i've noticed the quality wasn't as great as i wanted it.. you could hear some cracks in it. i'll fix that later.
and yea i'll check ya out. thanks!